This project was inspired by a tag art doll I saw on the Art eZine website and some tag art dolls I spotted in an issue of Somerset Studio. I have provided three different heads with matching arms, and a slew of different legs that will allow you to mix and match!

Classic Hang tag from Limited Edition. The size of the tag this was created for is 2 3/8" x 4 3/8". I used the kraft color, but the black would also be fabulous. You can find them here.

Hole punch
x-acto blade

brads or grommets (i used brads) I bought the star shape from Limited Edition. You can find them here.

stamps, ink, paint, pens, pencils...what ever you want to decorate the tags

1. Decorate your tag. I thought these would be cute for party invites or table place settings.

2. Print your pieces. I think a glossy photo stock is the best. But of course use whatever you want.

3.Cut out your pieces. I would recommed using scissors. I tried to make the pieces as easy to cut out as possible. You can use an X-acto knive if you prefer, but I found it to be hard to control.


4. Line the straight edges of the legs and arms with the tag and punch your hole for the brad.

5. Place the head over the hole in the top of the tag, and when you are happy with the placement, flip the tag and the head over so that the back side is facing you and mark the placement of the hole for the head.

6. Punch.

7. Attach the limbs to the tag with the brads. Make sure you place the arms and legs BEHIND the tag, and the head ON TOP of the tag.

8. If you would like to hang your doll, punch a hole in the top of the head and add a sting/ribbon hanger.

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