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  • South garden in June

    My Garden Year

    Look at that jungle! I know it’s been almost six months since I blogged, which is totally lame. I thought about it a lot! That counts, right? This year was the BEST garden year ever and it’s pretty much because of all of that drip irrigation I installed AND we had an A-MAZ-ING weather year. […]

  • Housekeeping.

    Hello! I am currently doing a little site-redesign/re-org so things might look a little funky for a few days…

  • A couple of garden projects

    I am FINALLY installing drip irrigation! Holy cow! It’s taken me long enough. I started this project last year and got ONE BED done and then…well…you know. I have that problem with finishing things I start. So…a few months ago I read a blog post by Garden Betty where she described her set up, which […]

  • Make Art That Sells-Part B Week 1

    This is my finished piece from the first week of the Make Art That Sells course I am currently enrolled in. The theme was toy trains and winter holidays, and the market we were exploring was the paper market, which would be things like cards and the like. I LOVED working on this, especially the […]

  • Repotting and Preparing

    My poor african violets finally got transferred in to some larger, brand-spankin’ new pots. A local store had pots on sale so I was able to give a bunch of my house plants new digs. I am finding that attractive, AFFORDABLE pots are really hard to come by, which seems strange. I guess next time […]

  • There and back again

    I just got back from spending some quality time with my best friend and her family in Richmond, Virginia. These photos were taken before a gigantic snow storm descended upon us and kept us locked inside the house for four days with two sick children. They are my people, I love them. But I am […]

  • Gardening

  • Hi there. Remember me?

    Hello? Holy COW. What the heck have I been up to these last SEVEN months? Meh. Not a whole lot. Mostly binge watching shows on Netflix. But…it’s a new year and I told myself that I would be BETTER about blogging in 2015. And then I promptly forgot I said that and was sort of […]

  • June Garden

    May kind of just got swallowed up, didn’t it? Where’d it go? I’ve been really enjoying the beautiful weather we have been having this spring. I’ve seen a ton of dragonflies sunning themselves on my pea trellis. I have been a super lazy gardener this year. I had a lot of things eaten by deer […]

  • Rhubarb Jam Macarons

    I had some friends over on recently for a little get together. One is a current co-worker and the other is a former co-worker. You know when you have an awesome friend at work and they get another job that they totally deserve and leave and it sucks for you? Yeah. The premise was that […]

  • Garden 2014

    Oh boy, would ya just look at that mess? A few months ago we had to take out three of my garden beds so that a truck could drive over them in order to get to our well house to replace our pump. There is no recovering from being run over. What REALLY screwed me […]

  • Macarons: What I Learned in Class

    While we were in Paris I took a class on a Sunday morning at the Cooking with Class cooking school. The class was awesome. The chef, Constance, was charming and funny and a wonderful teacher. I was most interested in seeing the technique in macaron making called the “macaronage”. It is the process of combining the […]

  • Bonjour!

    Hello! How have you been? I hope all is well in your land! I am currently hacking my lungs out on the couch with a cold I caught on the plane back from our AWESOME trip from Paris. Poor Jefe was sick the entire trip and I was expecting to succumb sooner than I did. […]

  • Macarons – The Nut Edition

    I decided that I am going to try to aim for at least one batch of Macarons a month this year. I was brainstorming flavors, trying to think of something that would fit for January and inspiration struck while I was at Trader Joes buying groceries. I saw that they started carrying cashew meal, which […]

  • Queen Bee Scarf

    There it is. I think it’s done. The skinny black border around the very edge will be rolled and stitched. Do you see the bee? Hint: Not the ones in the corners. Overall I am quite pleased if I do say so myself. And here’s where crazy artistic anxiety comes in to play: I’m afraid […]

  • Clover Muslin Version 1

    I’m currently sewing the Clover Pants from Colette Patterns, which means I’m two years behind everyone else in the sewing world. This also means that I get to take advantage of everyone else’s fitting issues now that I have finally gotten around to tackling this pattern. Let’s jump right in and take a look at […]