Blogging for Eleven Years

The 25th of September was my eleven year blogiversary. Eleven years!! It’s hard to believe sometimes. The flowers above are from a DEWIT Design Camp I attended earlier this month, and I was lucky to meet two bloggers I have known for almost all of those eleven years. It was an awesome, magical weekend in a lot of ways.

One of the other attendees asked what I blogged about and I didn’t really know what to say. I started blogging before blogs had to be *about* things or had ads, or before there were blogs about blogging. The internet seemed so much smaller back then. This blog has been good to me and I feel bad sometimes for not pay enough attention to it. I’ve met awesome people because of it, people like Flummel, who I can now call my friend and meet for coffee (we are overdue, by the way.)

Here’s the link to my first posts. I don’t know what happened to the images, and I can’t vouch for any of the links working.

Here’s to another eleven years! I love you blog!

P.S. You’ll be hearing more about the Design Camp because it was AWESOME and I am enerjazzed like nobody’s business. My house will never be the same.

P.S.S. I felt it necessary to tell you that if you do go and read those first posts, the “Kitty” I am talking about is a papier mache Halloween bucket head I was making.

28. September 2012 by Erica
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  1. Congratulations on your 11 year anniversary! That is really cool!

  2. Congratulations! Megan has told me a little about the design camp, and I want to hear more, it sounds great.

  3. Thank you, Laura! It was great!

  4. Eleven years!! That’s seriously awesome. Congratulations!

  5. Thank you, Sherlonya!

  6. I am so glad that you blogged/blog, your blog inspired me to blog :-) And I’m so glad we met in person! Looking forward to your house updates!!

  7. It was such a pleasant surprise to see you standing there when I walked in…I am so very glad we finally got to meet after all these years, and I am sure you’ll be posting your house updates, right? :)

  8. Oh…heart swells…..Thank you and Happy Anniversary. You brought me to blogging and I am ever so grateful! Yes coffee…when I get back to Washington, I’ll email you.

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