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Garden 2014

Oh boy, would ya just look at that mess? A few months ago we had to take out three of my garden beds so that a truck could drive over them in order to get to our well house to … Continue reading

18. April 2014 by Erica
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The Cob Oven: Version 1.0

I have been wanting to make a cob oven for what seems like forever. I don’t even know how they got on my radar to tell you the truth, but the idea had taken root into my brain and I … Continue reading

19. June 2013 by Erica
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Garden Update

How’s your garden growing? Mine looks so lush right now and I am loving it! I’ve let the leeks I planted last year go to flower and I can’t wait till they open. I’m going to try to save seeds. … Continue reading

11. June 2013 by Erica
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Helllooooo… Funny how in my last post I’m all like “I’m going to blog MORE!” and then totally disappeared. What the hell? I suppose I need to work on blogging about stuff as it’s happening as opposed to storing it up … Continue reading

04. June 2013 by Erica
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The last Month or so in a picture

Howdy Stranger! April just zoomed past me, and there it is well into May with nary a peep from me. I’ve mainly been busy over in the garden – if you hadn’t noticed it’s my current obsession. This past weekend, … Continue reading

11. May 2012 by Erica
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