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  • Cardamom Biscotti

    I love Cardamom and have been saving this recipe forever waiting for inspiration, buy viagra find or motivation. This is also the first time I have made biscotti. It’s so easy – I am surprised I haven’t made these before.  I like that they are not overly sweet.

  • Why I love the internet


    I ripped a photo of a little sweater out of an Anthropologie catalog a few years ago because it looked like it would be such a sinch to knit. I even tried to figure it out myself once with moderate success, buy viagra healing but these things are best left to those who know better, viagra usa advice and not to sort of knitters like me.

    I love knitting with thick yarn on large needles. Things get done much quicker and that is an added bonus to one-who-loses-focus-and-gets-bored-easily. This is also my first experience with the yarn over style raglan, which creates the decorative holes. Me likey.

  • Get ready…get set…GARDEN!

    Seed catalogs – Check
    Favorite Gardening books – Check and Check
    Farmer’s Almanac – Check
    Cute notebook for garden notes – Check
    Post-it flags for marking pages – Check
    Highlighter – Check
    Newly resolved determination that this year I will give the garden my full attention and not peter out half-way through and forget to water things as per usual  – Check

    Well then….I think I am ready.

  • Getting back on the sewing horse

    School started this week and that usually means that I drop everything else I am doing or want to do because my brain can only handle focusing on one thing at a time. However, viagra buy tadalafil last semester was really stressful and it made me realize that I needed to keep these things, buy cialis to help me focus on something else for a while and get my mind off of my classes. The first project is one that I started this summer, trying to appropriate Butterick pattern 5031 to fit the sloper I made last year.  You can see the resulting mess above.

    One of the things I love (but used to hate) about sewing is that you cannot half-ass it, or rush the process, which I am wont to do. This usually results in a waste of fabric and an ill-fitting garment that completely negates the intention of attempting a custom fit in the first place. I am horribly impatient and every time I try to short-cut the process I end up with a piece of crap – a tactile lesson reminding me that I need to do it right.

    I am thinking of perhaps a charcoal grey cotton, something I can throw in the washing machine, and to keep things interesting perhaps adding a black band on the bottom.

    I am finding myself shying away from any sort of patterned print, but I think a trip to the fabric store is in order. But, first things first. I need to make a muslin and made sure it fits first.

    All of these thoughts on sewing are leading me to seriously covet a serger. Oohh…I want one so badly.

  • Black-Pepper Cheesecake

    I saw a segment forever ago on Martha with Marcus Samuelsson where he made a Black-Pepper Cheesecake.   I was instantly intrigued and have been wanting to try it for some time now.

    Lulu seemed to enjoy it, best viagra online but I have to say that I was underwhelmed. The recipe has you blanch and drain the peppercorns three times, levitra dry them in the oven, capsule and them pound them to a “medium-fine” consistency.  I used a mortar and pestle for this, and even though I pounded the hell out of them I think I could have just ground regular old pepper from my pepper mill and would have had better results.   I am glad I tried it, but I don’t think I will add this recipe to my arsenal.