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Bathroom Mood Board


So…I have been super super busy trying to get ready for an art show I am participating in later this month (YIKES!) and at the same time I am trying to prep and gather materials for our bathroom upgrade that is happening AT THE SAME TIME. Insane? Maybe.

My parents will be visiting us and my Dad in particular is going to help us with the bathroom because he is awesome and knows how to do everything from wiring to tiling.

I attempted to put together a comp a la Making it Lovely of some of the components:

  1. The light fixture. This is four feet long. We have a long vanity and a gigantic mirror so I wanted something big. The glass globes are really pretty in person and I can’t wait to see them lit. Bought from Overstock.com.
  2. Floor tile. I actually need to buy more because we are not ripping out the existing vanity, best viagra viagra but we might someday, generic viagra thumb or the people after us might and it would be nice to have the tile to fill in the space. Also from Overstock.
  3. I was going to get a white vessel sink, but Jeffery mentioned he liked the frosted glass look. This is his bathroom as well, so we are going with a frosted vessel sink. Again…Overstock. I am in love with Overstock.
  4. Counter. We are going to paint the existing vanity black and install a butcher block counter top from IKEA. Much like this bathroom remodel.
  5. Potential wall colors and vanity color

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    . Not shown is the new deeper tub (huzzah!) and the white subway tile for the shower surround.

  6. Harry Allen hand hooks. I fell in love with these the first time I ever saw them and managed to find them seriously on sale at Modern Poverty.  I actually got the frosted versions, not the white that I have in this comp. I couldn’t really find good pictures of the frosted versions so I apologize. I am going to use them as the soap dish and hand towel hook. I think they will complement the sink nicely.

It’s going to be a lot of work, which I am so up for. Demo! Plumbing! Tiling! I’ll be taking lots of pics of the process so stay tuned!!

New floors

I am seriously tired. We spent Friday, sildenafil sovaldi sale Saturday and Sunday installing our new beautiful wood floors and yesterday recovering from the whole ordeal. It’s amazing how everything else in the house look gross compared to the floors

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. It makes me want to tear into a new project and get all new furniture! First order of business is acquiring rugs. Poor Lu had to warm her belly on a scrap of old carpet – but I don’t think she minded too much. We also have to put in baseboard trim which is going to take forever. I just can’t get over how nice it is to look down the hall through the kitchen and see the same floor all the way. No linoleum, viagra sales no orange carpet. It’s so awesome.

I am working on a macaron how-to, but the flooring put everything else on hold, so stay tuned!

Flooring: The Glory Arrives


Well,…here it is. Our new floor. Chillin’ in the garage patiently waiting to be installed. SO MUCH work needs to be done before this stuff goes in

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. We’re talking ripping up carpet, cialis sale case moving furniture, clearing out closets (Oi.) and painting the walls. General purging.

Much thanks to both Michelle and Trixie for suggesting Devine Paints. I found a place locally that carries the brand and I am very excited to check them out this weekend.