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Floor Prep Phase One: Reality Sinks In. Sort of.

countdownclock3qs10 Things are about to get a little insane around here I think. Right now I am in sort-and-organize mode (and beginning to realize how much crap I have) prepping to rip the carpet out of the entire downstairs. Stuff has to be off the floor, sildenafil viagra little tsotchkes have to be put away, viagra generic ampoule and the books, oh Lordy, I have a ton of books – those have to be put somewhere so that the bookshelves can be moved.

This means all projects are on hold as well. I am about 35% done with the Kasia skirt and it’s going to be SO cute, but the sewing station has to be put away moved somewhere I have yet to determine

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I thought that I was going to be able to repaint the walls before the floor went in – Ha! Hahahaha…..ah….THAT‘s not going to happen.

I am doing a lot of decorating in my head and should probably do one of those really cool mock-up/mood boards that Making it Lovely and This Young House are so good at. I find them harder to put together than they seem. In the mean time I am having a pretty intense long distance love affair with that clock over there at CB2. It will be mine.

Rugs. Rugs are also on the brain. We will need rugs. Lots and lots of rugs. I got the new Flor catalog in the mail yesterday and it may well be my savior.  And ever since I saw Nicole talk about  the Be my neighbor rug from Flor I have been obsessed with it.

So to recap: sorting through crap and fantasizing about clocks and rugs. Good times.

The most awesomest lampshade ever


I don’t think I ever posted the final product of the 35mm lampshade I made this summer

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. It’s a project that has far, discount viagra cialis far exceeded my expectations and I love how it turned out. It would look a heck of a lot better without popcorn ceilings, tadalafil nurse but hey – you can’t have it all. Not yet anyway.

We are starting off the year in serious home improvement mode. We have purchased materials for new floors which we are thinking will go down sometime in March. So to prepare for the glory I am going to repaint the entire downstairs. One thing I have learned is that a dark color and dark curtains in this house = cave. It’s way too dark.  We are thinking of doing a light grey (I know, grey is so hot right now) with a hint of blue. I went to the paint store the other day after reading about Benjamin Moores Aura paint line and got a sample. It’s so amazing how light affects color:


Yes, it’s the same color on the right in both swatches. It’s perfect and I love it in the living room (left) but it’s too dark and too blue in the hallway (right). Oi, the dreaded hallway. It’s really important to me to have a paint that is low VOC and has amazing paint coverage over the darkness in the living/dining area, but I am starting to think that I am going to need a REALLY light color in the hall. I am not going to make the same mistake and settle for something I don’t like, so…back to the paint store!

P.S. Don’t you just looove the texture on my walls? WTF?

A gift to ourselves

You see this glorious thing? Yes…it’s finally happening (I think). We are getting new floors!! This has been in the works FOREVER, and it’s taken us a long time to muster up the courage to plunk down the moolah. It’s going to change everything—we are going to have to repaint, new curtains…oh…I can’t wait. We are lucky enough to be the “helpers” of the main guy laying the floor so he is going to teach us how to do it as we go along. We were actually going to move forward a month or so ago, but since we were going to do the bathroom floors first (white hexagonal penny tile) we decided that instead of just doing the floors in the bathroom  we should get a new tub, and re-do the surround as well. That decision but EVERYTHING on hold as we knew the holidays were coming up and well…it just seemed too overwhelming.  So nothing has been happening

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. No tub. No tile. No paintin’. No nothin’. Until our floor guy called and said the white oak we were looking at was on sale but we had to act QUICK! Money being the ultimate motivator, of course.


I have been taking the sample around to all of the rooms trying to get an idea of what the floor will look like. We probably won’t get moving on this officially until next year sometime, but we are at least buying the materials, which will probably live in the garage until we are really ready. We haven’t done anything to the house since we moved in besides paint the walls some really inappropriate colors so this is going to be exciting.