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Fabric Stash: The Blue Period

With the resurgence of sewing energy I have been feeling of late, I think it’s time to address my fabric stash. I acquired 90% of these fabrics in a buying frenzy sometime last year, in an earlier attempt to sew my life-transforming wardrobe.

I did have to buy new fabric for my pencil skirt because, shock of all shocks, I did NOT have any black fabric in my stash. I told myself that the next thing I make will have to come from my existing store – no new purchases (accept for lining and notions and such). This is the part I totally suck at, and it renders me immobile- figuring out what to make with what fabric. So, let’s do a little analysis and brainstorming to see what we can come up with, shall we?

I think this was my attempt to get away from black, so I chose navy. These are all cottons, so right away I see blouses or dresses. Most are 59″ wide and are at least 2 yards each.

1. Broadcloth-A long sleeve button down shirt, perhaps.
2. Polka dot sear sucker- full skirt? Something twirly. Polka dots feel like they need to twirl.
3. Striped sateen, I think. All I know is the texture of this fabric is DIVINE. Light and silky and want to roll around in it. I suppose that’s a good thing for a garment – sleeveless shirt with a bow tie and ruffles down the front? Stripes and ruffles? I don’t know.
4. Another polk dot, this time with pinecones! That’s the problem with buying fabric online, sometimes you can’t tell what you are getting. I still like it a lot and you can’t tell they are pinecones unless you get reeeaaaal close -not sure what to do with this.
5. Another sateen. (I think) It’s got that same glorious texture as #3- Blouse with puffy sleeves.
6. This is a twill. I think. See…I threw away/lost/found/lost again the packing slip that came with this order, so it’s a bit of guess work at this point. It is heavier and stiffer than everything else, so it’s probably a good candidate for a skirt

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7. Gingham. Part of me is thinking I must of been DEL-U-SION-AL when I bought this. I mean, gingham? Really? I HAD to have something in mind when I bought this, but I can’t for the life of me figure out what it was. I’ll have to run through my inspiration images and see what prompted this.

Next step is to find a pattern to match. That shouldn’t be a problem as I have many, many, many to chose from. Years of buying 99 cent patterns on sale have left me with quite a collection. Time to bust into them!!

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