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How NOT to pre-sprout peas

Cookin’ the Peas… Cookin’ the Peas! (Sung to the tune of Breaking the Law by Judas Priest)

Oh people. It’s been a rough week in the grow closet. First I committed mass basil murder and now I have sauna-ed my peas to death

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. Operation Grow My Own Food is off to an awesome start!

This past weekend I did the Willi Galloway paper towel method that I mentioned the other day, viagra generic stuff and stuck the bag on my heat mat in the closet. When I came home from work and checked on the starts yesterday, viagra sale an odd roasty smell wafted out. The peas were sprouted – Yay! – but they were also cooked brown and slighty hairy with some sort of mold. Boo!

Sorry peas. I will do better next time. I will not put your sprouty bag directly on the heat mat. I shall place it someplace not quite so warm, like on top of the fridge.



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