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Flea Market Find: Mid-Century Hutch

Boy, viagra buy sick I’m on a roll! I saw this hutch at the same place I found my tables the other night while I was waiting for Jefe to get off work. I have been looking for one of these FOREVER. I actually wanted just a sideboard, viagra or a buffet (without the upper hutch part) and was almost resigned to the fact that I was going to have to shell out around $400 bucks for one from Crate and Barrel or West Elm or something. I’ve also been scouring Craigslist pretty religiously without any luck.

It’s in fantastic shape, and I didn’t remember it having the shelf until I went to go pick it up! Bonus! My favorite thing about it was the price. On sale for $140

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. Take that, IKEA!!

Grilled Figs Wrapped in Prosciutto

What you ever done this? Oh man, generic cialis no rx it’s so good! You have to try it

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. I love when fig season arrives and this is one of my favorite ways to eat figs. Suff them with cheese, generic cialis treatment wrap them in prosciutto (sorry vegetarians…I’ve been trying to think of a substitute) and stick them on a hot grill. The prosciutto gets nice and crisp and acts like a shell that holds in the melty hot cheese and the sweet fig. They are heavenly and decadent and a perfect starter.

You will need:

Fresh figs (I would say 2-3 per person)
Goat cheese, help softened
Rosemary or other herbs of choice

Here’s what you do:

Cut an “X” in the bottom of each fig.

Pipe your cheese mixture into each fig. You could do this just with a ziploc that has a corner cut off, but I love piping things with a tip, so I’ll take any opportunity I can to whip that thing out. I think also that a metal tip is easier to jam into the belly of a fig.

Wrap each fig in a slice of prosciutto, making sure to cover the hole you piped the cheese into. The prosciutto sticks to itself really well, so you should be able to cover the fig nicely. Like so:

Drizzle them with olive oil and add some pepper if the mood strikes you and pop them on the grill. They don’t take very long and it’s best if you eat them while they’re hot. You could drizzle them with honey, or a balsamic syrup would be good as well. You could even get crazy and use blue cheese instead of the goat cheese. Yay figs!

Garden Update: Early July

My elderberry is finally blooming! First time since I planted it

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. I wonder if I’ll have enough berries to make a cordial…?

The deer have eaten most of the peas, generic viagra case but there were a few left for us to snack on. Nothing like a snap pea fresh from the garden.

I thinned some carrots and pulled these wee little things. They are so pretty!

I’ve been vigilent searching for cut worm larvae on my cabbages whenever I see the small white butterflies hovering around and have SQUASHED them into oblivion. I have finally come to accept that a larger part of gardening success is killing bugs.

And thanks to @skirtmuseum (jess of krista and jess) I have found my dream chicken coop and have purchased the plans. I can’t wait to get started on the construction! Our neighbors across the street breed Araucanas and have already offered us chicks (for next year of course) so that gives me some time at least. At the rate I get things done, I’ll need it.