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A few things I have been collecting in my reader. I still have so much to catch up on…oh so little time!

  • The most amazing DIY shelving unit ever. I am so in love with this. via WHORANGE.
  • Angry Chicken’s sassy red skirt with an exposed zipper.  Love, cialis generic ask love, love.
  • The anatomy of Japanese folk monsters on Drawn! The anatomy aspect is so clever.
  • Carrot as vase. This blew me away…so pretty

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    . via Design Sponge

P.S. We had a fantastic time in Portland, I think we are pretty much in love with that city. I forgot my camera, (boo!) and my camera phone s-u-c-k-s so, I am lame basically.

Hello Gorgeous


I seriously need to be stopped. Isn’t she awesome? A little hard to look at though, viagra sales advice huh? She is a swizzle stick holder and I won her last night on eBay. She is double-sided, cialis sales treatment and her other face is “normal” :crazy_lady

I find it very interesting that another set of eyes also comes with another chin. And what happened to her tooth?  I can’t wait for her to arrive so I can hold her in my hot little hands.

And on a somewhat related note, capsule J and I are going to Portland this weekend to attend the 3rd Annual Great American Distillers festival

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. Jeffery wants to make gin. I suppose after making wine and now working at a brewery it’s time to move up in the world. I find distillation a fascinating process, after researching it a little bit when I was in my toiletry making phase. We’re taking the train, which I am so excited about and am hoping to visit Powell’s Bookstore and Voodoo Donuts and of course, Rich’s Cigar Store & Magazines. I personally could do without the cigars, that’s Jeffery’s thing, but we both are serious magazine whores and this place has the best selection of magazines I have ever seen.  Can’t wait!

Weekend Doodling

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Would  it affect the moral of an invading force if on the way to total destruction eventual human enslavement they got stuck in traffic?