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This is my super messy garden plan for this year for part of the yard.

I have gardening on the brain right now. I just watched this awesome show by Alys Fowler I found on YouTube about edible gardening and it’s got me really inspired. Now that the seed catalogs have arrived, generic viagra site I’ve gone through my stash and am starting to figure out what will go where. I am still surprised how hard gardening is. Not only the physical labor, cialis buy buy but the timing, the soil, the pests, the weathe, crop rotation…so much goes into it. My grandparents and great grandparents were able to feed their families with produce from their garden and I would totally starve if I had to depend on what I grow. Each year I get a little better, and I am hoping this year will be the best yet!

I was searching around my computer looking for a planting list from year before last and I found some half-completed graphics I started a few years ago:

I actually like that succession plan, but I don’t know where that info or idea came from. I wish I would have taken better notes. It’s also a tiny bit confusing. I guess that’s the good thing about giving things time…you can come back to them with fresh eyes.

I am going to focus on companion planting this year, which I did year before last, but not so much last year and I noticed a difference in the health and beauty of the garden. I also have a lot more space to fill up that I’ve had in previous years which is another challenge.

The main concept I am having a hard time wrapping my brain around is crop rotation within a growing season. I understand that you don’t want to grow the same thing in the same spot year after year, but I am still new to the idea that lettuces sown in the spring are going to peter out in mid summer, and I need to have something ready to stick in their place, like cucumbers or squash. And whatever that thing I choose in stick in that spot needs to be a companion to the other things that are already there and still growing, like onions. It can get confusing. Add to that the idea of succession planting, which is planting things spaced out over the course of a few months so you don’t end up with a glut of food, but a steady supply. I have NEVER been able to master that. I think I am going to have to bring in the big guns and use a Google Calendar.

I think I have finally got it figured out. I hope!

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  • Lilly February 26, 2015 12:18 am

    Did you ever see my post on tomatoes? http://www.rakeandmake.com/tips-for-growing-tomatoes-in-the-pacific-northwest/ This is what I do and it does still depend on the weather that year, but all these things seem to help!

  • Lilly February 10, 2015 12:08 am

    Hey Erica! I haven’t thought a whole lot about my garden yet, so you are way ahead of me. I love your graphics for planting times. You should make a garden planner out of them! I really tried to master crop rotation, succession planting and companion planting, but you are right, it can be quite the puzzle to factor all of those things in. Nowadays, I just do the best I can. There are some things I know do well together (like carrots and tomatoes and/or green onions- wards off carrot rust flies) and other things that I know don’t (like planting tomatoes where you just planted potatoes), so I focus on things like that. It is true though, we are lucky we don’t rely on our gardens for all of our food, it might be a different story if we did!

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