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The last Month or so in a picture

Howdy Stranger! April just zoomed past me, viagra try and there it is well into May with nary a peep from me. I’ve mainly been busy over in the garden – if you hadn’t noticed it’s my current obsession. This past weekend, I was working on an arbor I’m building and I looked up and saw that there were people walking around my yard looking at the flowers. It was such an odd moment. People. In my yard. Why are there people in my yard?

It turns out that they were from the Buddhist temple next door. They were celebrating the birthday of Buddha on Sunday and I gathered from one of the women that she saw my tulips and apparently just HAD to get closer look

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. I say apparently because she was Vietnamese and didn’t speak much english. She had one word down however, and that word was “tulip”.

She was particularly enamored with the ones in the picture above.

Then I showed her the Queen of the Nights that are currently blooming.

Once I got over the initial shock it was actually a very endearing experience. Her friends were on the other side of my fence, near the new garden yelling at her to get the hell out my yard. Actually, I have no idea what they were saying, but it seems like that was the jist. It also brought to mind one of the reasons I love to garden, and that is to share the beauty. I love walking past people’s yards and seeing what they have done and what they are growing and it made me feel great to know that someone is appreciating what I am creating.

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