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Bathroom Update: I’m Finally Almost Done. Sorta.

I was so jazzed after going to the Design Camp back in September that I wanted immediately tear into redecorating my living/dining room. Much like Stef and her kitchen renew project, I decided that it was probably a better idea to finish the bathroom project I started almost three (yikes…really?) years ago before I launched into something new. I was mostly done, but there were a few small things like putting the trim/moulding back on the floor and installing the toilet paper holder that needed to get done. A few things have come up as we have been living with the space for a few years that I needed to fix as well.

This past week I took off work while Jefe was out of town so that I could focus on Getting! It! Done! without his distracting me. Doesn’t seem like a whole lot now, but I worked my tail off and still didn’t do all that I wanted.

I won’t bore you with boring trim deals, which was the brunt of the work. So much measuring and cutting and nailing and nail setting and wood filling and sanding and painting and ick. And this was JUST the trim around the tub (the tub is just slightly larger that the space for the tub and the walls aren’t exactly square so I had fiddly bits). I didn’t have time to do the trim on the floor, so I still have that yet to do.

I moved the hooks for the towels AND as sort of a reward for doing this, I bought fancy turkish towels. Have you seen these? I had never heard of them until AB Chao listed them in her bathroom makeover and I spotted them again in a magazine this month…Allure I think? I have towel issues. I’ve been searching and searching and searching for new towels and after doing yet ANOTHER load of smelly, mildewy, THEY DON’T DRY IN THIS CLIMATE terry towels I decided to spring for something new. Let me tell you this: They are pricer than your average towel. They are worth every single stinking penny. If you are one of those people who like a soft, fluffy terry cloth bath sheets, then these might not be the towels for you. They are super thin. They don’t smear the water around like some of those cheap-ass “quick dry towels”. They come in ton of colors. I love them. I am a convert.

At first when I started this project all those million years ago I thought I was going to be fancy and mount my toilet paper holder to the wall, so in order to do that I had to patch the hole that was there first. Let me sum up and say that was a dumb idea that cost me a lot of effort to fix. I’ve been living with a role of toilet paper on the end of the counter for so long that it’s clear that it’s going to take me a while to remember to reach the other way. “Where’s the toilet paper?!!! Oh yeah.”

I got a new rug as well, which I love. I also had found a stool on the side of the road that was painted a chippy-white-and-other-colors that I revamped and added little casters to the feet. It’s the official martini table laptop stand for watching Downton Abby in the bathtub.

Caulking. I had to re-caulk as well, but that’s boring. So…not a grand “TA-DA!” but I feel so good that I got it (mostly) done. I got sick halfway through the week which didn’t help things and was sort of odd. Either the UPS man sneezed on a package or I picked something up at the Home Improvement Store. Sucks either way. And, of course…I had to save the best for last:

I found another Ashtray Man Head or whatever they are called at a flea market this summer for a STEAL. Since the Uncle Fester looking one is busy holding Q-Tips, I’m thinking Jeeves can be the Incense Stick Man

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. And now that this is all (mostly) done I’m feel like I can move on to other things with less guilt.

EDIT: I should add that I had to call my Dad for help only once!

Crocheting Weather

About a week ago I was overcome with the desire to KNIT SOMETHING. I wanted, NEEDED yarn like, right now this instant. Had to have it. I am not really a knitter. I can knit, I know how, I just don’t.

I futzed around for a bit trying to figure out what to make…I think it was just the mindlessness of the process I was craving, not really the result. As a consequence, there was a lot of ripping of stitches.

I finally found what I was looking for along the hem of a coat in Teva Durham’s Loop-d-Loop Crochet. These are lazy wheels. They are so fun to make and I think I’m only going to need a few of them for a really pretty scarf

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Links: Crafty Things for the Home

  • I love, cialis buy shop love, help love, love, LOVE, these tiny doors. I am SO doing this.
  • It seems like I am needing a shelving unit in almost every room, and  while briefly flirting with the idea of getting something fabricated, I settled on the ole’ plumbing pipe solution. Then I got to thinking that it might be weird to have them EVERYWHERE so I am very much liking the idea of these industrial shelving units made from simple hardware store supplies.
  • Don’t hate me but I am seriously contemplating macrame

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    . I want my cat hanging from the ceiling. Will it suck? And will she even use it? These are the questions. I mean, it’s macrame, so chances of suckage are pretty high…however, I am confident I can style it into the current decade. Added bonus: I recently found every macrame book ever published in the history of the world in a back room of Shipwreck Beads.

  • I think I found a solution to the brick wall/fireplace that must-not-be-painted:concrete stain. I am very excited about this.
  • Tier hanging pots. NOT macrame and I just happen to I have a perfect spot for it.

Happy Friday!